The elegance of Pisco

Ocucaje is a high-quality wine and pisco producer with over 120 years of history. When they approached us, their needs were clear: they needed packaging that would represent and differentiate the quality and importance of their top-of-the-line Pisco.

For over 110 years, Ocucaje has been producing high-quality piscos and wines in their wineries located in the southern region of Ica, in the valley of the same name. The company had identified some problems: they did not have a clear differentiation between their different lines of beverages, brand recognition was low, and the packaging did not adequately represent them.

We decided to make the Ocucaje desert, the driest and hottest in Peru, the thematic axis of their identity. Additionally, the world’s best-preserved Cenozoic fossil remains come from this area. By valuing this ancient past, the concept “From the oldest land” was generated.

Thus, starting from a fossil, we organized the entire portfolio so that it was perceived as a family of products with differentiated characteristics. Regarding pisco, we created packaging that refined the concept. Its box is an example of how identity was taken to its most elegant extreme, not only with a color palette dominated by black and gold but also with its materiality.