Oldest earth wines

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For over 110 years, Ocucaje has been producing high-quality piscos and wines in their wineries located in the southern region of Ica, in the valley of the same name. We worked on an identity inspired by the desert it inhabits.

Ocucaje had identified some issues: there was no clear differentiation among its various beverage lines, brand recognition was low, and the packaging did not adequately represent them. We decided to work on an identity centered around the Ocucaje desert as the thematic axis. This desert is the driest and hottest in Peru, although millions of years ago it was covered by the sea and had a rich diversity of animals during a certain period of its history. It is from this desert that the world’s best-preserved fossil remains from the Cenozoic period originate, for example.

By emphasizing this ancient past, we developed the concept of “From the Oldest Earth”. Thus, starting from a fossil, we organized the entire portfolio so that it was perceived as a family of products with differentiated characteristics. The result: we increased their sales by 400% and left a solid foundation for future communication efforts.