A chocolate for every terroir


Mater Iniciativa is a project by Central, recognized in 2023 as the world’s best restaurant by 50 Best. They produce a premium chocolate and we were in charge of the packaging.

In 2022, Central in Lima was named the best restaurant in Latin America and the second-best in the world by 50 Best. They have a project that explores Peru in search of new ingredients and supplies: Mater Iniciativa. This was the birthplace of a chocolate made with Cacao Chuncho, a very fine variant of cocoa that is native to Cusco. With the quality of the product guaranteed, it was necessary to design a sophisticated packaging that would present it accordingly to the global market.

Just as Central has a philosophy based on the multiple altitudinal levels of Peru, we thought about the importance of terroir for the birth of a product of such high quality as Cacao Chuncho. That’s why the cover of these chocolates displays a tribute to their origin: the Peruvian soil. These black and white photographs, in which texture is the protagonist, are complemented by sophisticated typography and washed-out colors.