A different kind of Family Office

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Diagonal is a Multi-Family Office basedin Miami and Lima. We created a visual identity and communication system for them that set them apart from their competition.

They already had a particular business model that ensured better results for their clients. The next step for Diagonal was to present it to markets in Florida and Peru in a modern way that wasn´t conventional within the industry. We were their partners for that. We were their partners for that.

The first thing we aimed for was to make sure the brand’s spirit wasn’t too formal and stiff. Instead, we wanted its personality to resemble that of its founding partners: approachable and familiar, while still being modern and specialized.

Within a clean identity, we chose the letter N as the main element within the name and inverted it to highlight its own diagonal. This ultimately built a contemporary brand that presents its industry in a less formal way and sets it apart from what’s in the market.

Corporate Presentation