Metaphores of love

Umbral, by the Peruvian band Melnik, is an album that serves as a gateway to a story of love and heartbreak. We designed packaging that, like life itself, has different levels and more than one surprise.

This album invites us to imagine classic love and heartbreak stories. Our proposal was to represent them with a succession of metaphors: revealing what is shown and hidden in falling in love, its intensity, the mutability of our perceptions and the fragility of each romantic relationship.

The surprise effect, as it happens in love, is always present in our storytelling. On the cover art, we see a cracking eggshell and a bride who literally has a head full of birds.

Upon opening the disc, we notice that the egg is not only broken, but also fried. And when we get to the fold-out, turned into a poster, we see a groom with a bird head…

Umbral was nominated in the best album packaging category at the Latin Grammys.