Fast, sophisticated and Italian

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La Piadineria is a fast casual proposal of Italian piadinas in one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Lima. We were tasked with creating the visual identity and graphic system for the store spaces.

DLP Group has a portfolio of gastronomic projects that, for the most part, target a select public. Carnal, Shi-Nuá and Ánima e Cuore are proof of that. With La Piadineria, the goal was different. This proposal, leaning towards fast casual, aims at a broader audience through an offer of piadinas made into sandwiches. All of this without losing the sophisticated DNA that unites all the group’s projects.

The visual system is inspired by the Italian roots of the piadinas. The color palette is composed of green, white, and red, and we apply patterns of red squares like those of the classic Italian tablecloths. The graphic identity is complemented by figures with semicircles that imitate the folds of the piadinas.