In Lima, Peru, the Summum Awards recognize the best of local gastronomy. With the one they got in 2022, the award for the best meat and grill restaurant went to Carnal for six consecutive years. Our cut with them went beyond design.

Carnal is the first restaurant in Lima specializing in Choice Certified & USDA Prime American Angus Aberdeen meats. With them, we developed the concept “Los placeres de la carne”. In Spanish, “carne” means “meat” but also “flesh”. So, the phrase translates as “the pleasures of flesh” or “the pleasures of meat” and it appeals to eroticism and the pleasure of eating and drinking in a sophisticated space.

In the logo we synthesized the head of a cow through an inverted ‘A’. We played with materiality and generated a tactile experience on the menu that is reminiscent of skin and meat. We applied the same gameplay and experience in environmental design.