Sophisticated tradition by a volcano

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Arequipa is one of Peru’s most important culinary destinations. La Catalina, a highend pastry shop that offers a sophisticated menu while also honoring local traditions, originated there. We created a visual identity that serves as a little taste.

La Catalina was born with the idea of being a café that rescues the best of Arequipa’s culinary tradition while proposing a modern and high-quality offer. The challenge in the branding process was to find a way to converge the history and customs of Arequipa with the contemporary proposal of fine pastry.

The brand system we created was the result of the modernization of one of the most characteristic details of the White City: the arches found around the square, the “sillar” or its famous Yanahuara viewpoint. The typography of the logo imitates their shapes in a sophisticated way, providing a modern result with a clear anchor in Arequipa’s tradition. The name proposal follows the same approach: it is linked not only to one of the most well-known convents (Santa Catalina) but also to the use of the article before the name, giving it grace and a colloquial touch typical of the region.