Finding a new destination

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Viajes Pacifico is one of the largest inbound tour operators in Peru. We worked to make their brand more contemporary and have a greater appeal and international reach.

It’s no news that Peru is a touristic country. Therefore, at any moment, a company like Viajes Pacifico was going to reach a point of growth that would require them to refresh and strengthen their brand. When this happened, we became their destination.

The company came to us with the goal of renewing their identity, but not just from the graphic side. That’s why one of the first decisions made was to use an abbreviation of the name: Vipac.

To enhance their brand story, we created a tagline that played off an element rescued from the previous logo. The reinterpretation of the icon, now used as a location marker, is complemented by the phrase “Imagine yourself here”, creating a system that appeals to the dreams of travelers and is easy to replicate and reinvent in digital spaces.