Beer is on the house


Central, the best restaurant in the world according to 50 Best, wanted to create a premium beer inspired by the house that once stood on the land now occupied by the restaurant. We created the brand and packaging concept for Tupac Beer.

For many years, Casa Túpac was a significant hub in Barranco’s cultural scene. This is a district in Lima that often ranks among the most bohemian destinations for tourists. In the 2000s, the main garden of the house hosted parties where guests enjoyed a homemade artisanal beer produced by Casa Tupac.

Today, Central, recognized in 2023 as the best restaurant in the world by 50 Best, occupies the land where Casa Tupac once stood. When Virgilio Martinez, chef and owner of Central, had to think of a high-quality beer for his guests, he remembered the one that was already known as Cerveza Tupac.

The inspiration from the gastronomy and cultural spirit of Casa Tupac resulted in packaging that resembles works of art, with bottle covers simulating such. The labels featured the Tupac logo, which became a seal.