Creativity with a Peruvian soul

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Zavalita Brand Building provides high quality boutique strategic and creative consulting services. Since they specialize in working with brands, to develop their own visual identity, they contacted us.

Zavalita was born from the need for a new model of working with brands: helping them find their raison d’être and expressing it in an extraordinary way. A vital component in this is the rebellion against the conformism of a media such as the one that suffocated Santiago Zavala, the protagonist of an emblematic novel by Mario Vargas Llosa, who formulated one of the most famous questions in Peruvian literature: “At what precise moment had Peru fucked itself up? ”

The Zavalita team, made up of great Peruvian advertising figures such as Flavio Pantigoso, questions the status quo, stimulates critical thinking, and finds meaning through a coworking model, the sum of talents and modular team assembly. The Peruvian identity of the character is embodied in the strip of Z and the scratch-and-win game, to ask again the great question that is the leitmotif of the novel.