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Shi-Nuá, or “Chinois” as it would be written in French, is listed as one of the best Peruvian-Chinese cuisine restaurants. Our task was to develop a brand with a sophisticated identity, surpassing the typical expectations of a restaurant with such characteristics.

Shi-Nuá is an exclusive lounge-style Peruvian-Chinese restaurant located in the business district of San Isidro, in a modern building designed by the acclaimed architect Jean Nouvel. Their concept adds European and American touches and ingredients, as well as those from other regions of the Far East, to create a unique and exciting dining experience. The concept of Peruvian-Chinese cuisine dates to the mid-19th century when the first Cantonese workers immigrated to Peru and began a fusion of their millennia-old cuisine with ours.

Our work consisted of portraying a sophisticated, elegant, cosmopolitan, and distinctive chifa imaginary in its graphics.