Originally conceived as the Museum of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, it was linked to the preservation of coins. Yet it was much more than that, as it has an art gallery and a large collection of pre-Columbian objects. We translated that value to a new visual identity.

The Central Museum, or Mucen, is a cultural space where dialogue is the tool for generating community. However, the brand projected a technocratic, unenergetic, and stuck-in-the-past image. We seek to generate a graphic identity that brings it back to the present, without giving up its history.

To achieve this, we thought of patterns that invite one to dream of pre-Columbian looms and the urban layout of the Historic Center of Lima, the area where the museum is located. We inserted these elements into modern compositions with high-vivacity typefaces and colors.

Now, Mucen is positioned as a space where the visitors can immerse themselves in a cultural legacy that remains relevant.