The vibrant hues of cultural heritage

La Victoria Lab, for their 5th anniversary, wanted to pay tribute to the district that gives it its name, and which houses the headquarters of the group it belongs to. We became their partners in that tribute.

La Victoria is a district of Lima that has been the birthplace of different emblems and cultural phenomena, from the most popular soccer team in the country to the largest textile commercial emporium in South America. The 5 years of La Victoria Lab, the innovation laboratory of the Intercorp group, served as a pretext to review its past, look at its present, and imagine its future.

The book is organized precisely with those three blocks. And this structure also serves as a pretext to review the visual references that had their origin in the territory of La Victoria. The most important is perhaps the one that was born in Cerro El Pino. There were the workshops where the first posters of the chicha culture were elaborated. The colors they started applying play a key role in the design of the book. That color palette was the one we used when making the posters that would serve as wrappers and in which cultural idols such as an Afro-Peruvian poet and activist, a soccer legend from Alianza Lima, and an iconic chicha singer were the protagonists.