Andean culture in every sip


Casa Andina is Peru’s largest hotel chain recognized for its commitment to preserving and promoting traditional Andean culture and customs. In our joint venture, we helped them reflect their interest in cultural preservation… through craft beer.

With over 32 hotels throughout the country, Casa Andina offers travelers a unique and authentic experience, immersing them in the local culture and customs of each region. With this in mind, we helped them develop the brand and packaging of their first craft beer. They used to sell it inside the hotels only, but it had soon started to move outside of them.

We decided to work from the concept of ‘Yunza’, a communal ritual that happens during the carnival season in all three regions of Peru. ‘Yunza’ is a great Andean celebration in which gifts are placed on the top of a tree, so that the attendees dance around it and try to knock it down and gather its “fruits”.

In addition to consolidating family and communal bonds, the valuable aspect of this tradition is the strengthening of cultural identity. The brand reflected the celebratory spirit of carnival, dance, and the most representative visual elements: the tree, the quena, and the hatchet.