A spirit with andean soul


Aqara “Agave of the Andes” is the first artisan premium agave distillate outside of Mexico. As it wanted to conquer the North American market, our challenge was to create a new graphic identity that reflected its quality, sophistication, and origin.

In 2019, it was named “The Next Big Thing”; in 2020, “Promise Brand” by Tequila Aficionado Magazine. In the following years, Aqara kept collecting accolades and a new visual identity and packaging was needed to convey the quality of its attributes.

As tequila and mezcal are denominations of origin, one of the first challenges was to find a descriptor for the product. The decision was to emphasize the concept of Agave of the Andes, which clearly represents the Peruvian origin of the distillate.

Later, we developed a label in two blocks with three elements that are part of its genesis: the flowering wild agave, a snow-capped mountain from the Andean Range, and a Pre-Columbian loom in honor of its ancient heritage.

This helped to build a clear differentiation to compete at a global level in a highly developed universe. Because it’s not tequila or mezcal. It’s Peru.