High-flying Pisco

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Paca Paca is a high-end, limited-edition line of piscos created by a father and a son. We may not have been any holy spirit, but we were the ones responsible for creating the visual identity of this beverage that borrows its name from a Peruvian bird.

Alfredo and Sebastian Bravo are father and son, as well as both being architects by profession. They are also the ones responsible for Paca Paca, an unmistakable line of limited edition piscos that those who know them often associate with the quality of the architectural designs and projects that they have carried out.

All the brand’s varietals are made to high standards, taking care of every detail in each phase of the process. We wanted to capture this commitment to the integrity of their products by reflecting the professionalism of the company on the label, while also showcasing a unique personality that did not detract from the artisanal aspect, which is essential to its identity.