A language for creativity

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IPP is Peru´s oldest and most prestigious academy for advertising and design professionals. We worked to revitalize the brand and meet the needs of a new generation of young creatives. .

For the past 40 years, IPP has trained some of the most relevant creative professionals, in charge of the country’s biggest advertising and design agencies. Despite its trajectory and prestige, the brand had stayed the same for over 30 years, becoming dated and boring.

Our main goal was to turn IPP into a modern, dynamic, and inspiring brand, that more accurately reflected what was going on inside the Institute.

The approach was to create a new brand system, born from the idea of integrating dialogue boxes, associated in a playful way with contemporary, fluid, youthful and easy-to-understand communication. This element would define the language of IPP: Visual containers willing to dialogue and convey the importance of learning to engage in conversation to make yourself better known.