Chunky Veggie Mamma was born with the idea that vegetarian food could not only be delicious, but also fun. To create their visual identity, we got to work with both hands and a lot of humor.

Over the years, when talking about vegetarian food, commonplaces have been created. Each project of this type seemed obliged to talk about fitness products and light recipes. That’s why, when Chunky Veggie Mamma’s proposal came to us, we didn’t think twice. We had the opportunity to work on a vegetarian brand that didn’t want to be approached from the wellness angle, but from the taste, pleasure, and enjoyment.

To strip it of any solemnity, we worked on messages with humor, which functioned within a graphic system inspired by vegetables. In addition to being the protagonists of irreverent illustrations, they also inspired the color palette: we used the orange of the carrot, the purple of the beet, and the yellow of the zapallo (a type of Peruvian pumpkin).