Cemento Amazonico is a project born from the partnership between one of the largest cement companies in Peru, Pacasmayo, and our creative team. The goal was to create a brand that would enter and thrive in the Peruvian jungle market. We paved the way that made it real.

Pacasmayo approached us when they discovered a new business opportunity in the Peruvian jungle region. For this project, Cemento Amazónico, we worked with two key elements: Kené and the jaguar.

Kené is an artistic expression originally developed by the Shipibo-Konibo community, widely recognized and present in the Amazon. These beautiful handmade geometric patterns are part of our cultural heritage.

On the other hand, the jaguar, for many indigenous communities, is the king of the jungle, and is also the protagonist of numerous myths. This animal represents values such as strength, a sense of belonging, and tradition.

Thus, Cemento Amazonico entered the regional market through a brand that was seamlessly linked to its culture.