A century in a book

Ferreycorp is one of the largest corporate holdings in Peru. This is confirmed not only by its expansion, but also by its trajectory: in 2022, it celebrated 100 years of history. We were handed the task of reflecting a whole century into a book.

In an era when the useful cycle of companies is around 10 years, turning 100 is quite a milestone. So, when Ferreycorp chose us to tell their story in a book, we immediately accepted the task and got to work.

What began as a grocery store, today is a corporation that leads the capital goods and services industry in the country. What began in the Historic Center of Lima, today represents, and distributes, the equipment of a giants like Caterpillar not only in Peru, but also in Central America.

The book is evidence of that. In addition to telling in words a story that accompanies half of the Republican life of a country (in 2021, Peru celebrated its Bicentennial), we represented that heritage in its visual system. The cover is a perfect sample: it is designed from blocks of different elements and textures. That’s the face of a company that built structures and roads, but also built a legacy.