A fanzine for culinary rebels

This is a culinary collective that seeks to generate unique gastronomic experiences in different countries, with the participation of local chefs. The goal was to create a publication exclusively for participants in the Peruvian edition of the event.

The dynamics of Gelinaz in Peru were as follows: 23 avant-garde chefs had to reinterpret a recipe for “pulpo al cilindro” (octopus in a cylinder) by the renowned chef and entrepreneur Gastón Acurio, while various performances were carried out on an adjacent stage.

The idea of the founder of this series of events, the Italian Andrea Petrini, was to promote “underground-chic encounters”. That is why we made a fanzine, a piece of counterculture communication, based on a collage of materials such as newspaper and hot stamping finishes that reflect both universes and lifestyles.