When we met in 2017, the University of Lima, one of Peru’s leading educational institutions, was undergoing an exciting process of change. The university had initiated the Sasaki Plan, an ambitious project that would transform its campus over 30 years and give it the opportunity to relaunch its market position. Our challenge was to develop a new brand that embraced this change while honoring the values and essence of the University of Lima.


We focused on recontextualizing their history and turning the past tense into an active present. We organized workshops, research and creative processes that led us to choose the star as the symbol that gave new meaning to the past in the face of the present and the guide to the future.

Strategy presentation


“Partners has been instrumental in helping us find and polish an authentic institutional image.”

Oscar Quezada Macchiavelo

University of Lima President


The star had always been present in the university’s coat of arms, but this time we made it the protagonist and turned it into a recognizable and memorable logo. Likewise, we reused the colors inherited from the past but made them more vivid, and by combining them with a new typography, the brand established a new, closer and more interesting link for its audience. This is how we came up with a new graphic identity that was applied to everything Ulima, from the printed pieces of its communication campaigns to the signage on campus.


“The Partners team understands the Ulima culture. We rely on their advice and brand stewardship.”

Rosa María Melero

Corporate Reputation Manager


Two years after launching the new brand, the pandemic arrived and presented us with new challenges. As the living center of a community of students, the University of Lima needed to communicate a message of unity in the face of the uncertain situation in the world. We created our first campaign, asking ourselves what future we wanted to build and how hard we were willing to work to make it happen. This was just the beginning, as we went on to build a series of advertising campaigns for different university products.

60 Years

When the University celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2022, we noticed that the concept of change was present transversally throughout the brand. Therefore, it was no longer enough to adapt to change or to seek it, but to be part of it. This idea became the new spirit of the University of Lima, its brand promise and the basis for the construction of its new image and communication.


“We have developed a good synergy with Partners and working with them always has a positive impact.”

María Teresa Bertini

Comercial Manager